100 business ideas I wrote down

The History of the 100 Business Ideas

A couple months back I threw in the towel and gave up on a business I had started.

A couple of my friends and I had decided we were going to make a fortune selling Bluetooth headphones on Amazon, ordered a hundred from China, and were on our merry way. We sold those hundred fairly quickly and ordered another hundred, but we ran into some trouble not long after that.

I’m glad we were willing to take action, but we made a lot of mistakes and ended up failing because of it. For more details, you can read my post about my latest business failure.

After falling flat on my face, I decided that I wanted to come up with a list of 100 different business ideas that I thought would be worth my time. I was feeling pretty discouraged after my failure, so I wanted a way for me to be able to get my creative juiced flowing. I wanted to feel passionate about the idea of a new business.

To help me get there, I came up with a challenge for myself. I was going to come up with 5 different business ideas each day, for 20 days.

At the end of 20 days, I would have 100 different business ideas ready and waiting for me. From those 100 business ideas, I was going to select the top 5 ideas that I liked the best and start writing up a business plan and doing market research.

Well, like most plans, things didn’t turn out exactly like that.

What Happened During My Business Brainstorm

The good news is that I do have a list of 100 different business ideas that I’ve come up with. Even better, each one of those are business ideas that I would be willing to go into.

I decided early on that I wouldn’t put a business idea on my list unless I would be willing to go into that business. I thought that rule was a good way to help me avoid copping out and writing a list of 100 business ideas that I had absolutely no intention of ever starting.

The bad news is that writing a list of 100 business ideas took me much longer than 20 days. Instead, it took me about two and a half months. I was doing pretty well for the first twelve days or so and had a list of about sixty businesses, but after that, I let myself get distracted and neglected my list.

If I was doing so well, why did I let myself get distracted?

One of the reasons I didn’t finish my list in 20 days was that I stopped worrying about coming up with 5 ideas a day. As I wrote more of my ideas down, I started to realize that I probably already had enough ideas that I was interested in. I started to question whether the full list was really something I needed.

I also realized that having a great business idea wasn’t really that important. Instead, what was important was how committed I was to executing a business idea. How far was I willing to go? Was I going to treat my business like a business, or something I worked on when I was in the mood to do it.

Another reason I stopped writing my list of 100 business ideas was that I really, really liked some of the ideas that I had come up with early on. I was passionate about them and wanted to get started, and the more I tried to think of new ideas the more I would come back to them and think about how I would go about starting those businesses.

Here’s a tip.

If you start obsessing about one of your own business ideas, you should probably get started on it.

Forget your list and get started.

The last reason I didn’t finish my list in 20 days was laziness. I was too lazy to make myself do something I didn’t want to do anymore, and I let myself stay lazy. That’s a serious character flaw that I have right now, and I need to do better.

Coincidentally, that’s why I made sure I finished my list, instead of completely giving up and going with what I already had. I need to do better with finishing what I’ve started, or I’ll never succeed in business.

My List of 100 Business Ideas

Alright, I’ve talked about what made my want to write my list of 100 business ideas, and I’ve talked about what I learned while writing my list.

At this point, I’m sure you’re asking yourself what business ideas I put on my list. Am I going to share my list of 100 business ideas with you, or just let you know I have it?

I’m sharing it. Without further delay, here’s my list of 100 different business ideas.

  1. SEO/Digital Marketing Firm
  2. Niche marketing firm
  3. Web Design Firm
  4. Mycoremediation Plant
    1. This idea is using mushrooms to decontaminate toxins.
  5. Recycling Plant
  6. Mushroom Growing
  7. Buy & Hold Real Estate Firm
  8. Storage Units
  9. Investment Management
    1. Basically, private wealth management and financial advisory.
  10. Private Equity/Venture Firm
  11. Pizzeria
    1. I worked at a small pizzeria in high school, and it was a blast.
  12. Bumper Stickers
  13. CPA Firm
  14. Product Design Firm (3D printer)
  15. Computer Repair
  16. Electronics Repair
    1. TVs, radios, lamps, etc.
  17. Sourcing Firm
    1. Negotiating imports and finding manufacturers overseas for our clients.
  18. Tax Education Firm
    1. People really don’t know much about taxes, and they really should, because understanding taxes can save you a lot of money.
  19. Pick Up app
    1. Need something picked up from your house and don’t want to wait?
  20. Glass Recycling
  21. Cofounder Dating
    1. Sort of like eHarmony, but for entrepreneurs looking for a business partner.
  22. Sunfrog T-shirts
    1. Yeah, I know, everyone does this.
  23. Automatic t-shirt Business
    1. Dollar Shave Club, but for t-shirts.
  24. Financial Education
  25. Salient Water Purification
  26. Copywriting Firm
  27. Virtual Office Space
  28. Food Truck
  29. Webhost
  30. Ceramic Shop
    1. I used to love making ceramics when I was in high school.
  31. Recycled Construction Materials
  32. Bicycle Repair/Refurnishing
  33. Composting/Compost Exchange
  34. Buy Now
    1. An app that tracks your stock picks and tells you when the price is right to buy them so that you can more effectively dollar cost average.
  35. Growing facilities
    1. Storage units, but for hydroponics and aquaponics.
  36. VBA Consulting/automation
    1. A lot of businesses don’t know how to write scripts, so if you can write one that saves them a ton of time, you’ve got a viable business.
  37. Online Game Company
    1. Have you seen Ninja Kiwi or Newgrounds?
  38. Mobile Game Company
  39. Steam, but for small devs
    1. Kind of like Steam and Patreon combined.
  40. Food Collection Firm
    1. Businesses pay you to collect their food waste, then you compost it and sell the compost.
  41. Confidential Document Disposal
  42. Business Supply Store – cards, letterheads, etc.
  43. Compassionate Lending
    1. You give loans, but only if the borrowers agree to use a budget and take a financial course that will hopefully make your loan the last one they ever need.
  44. WordPress Plugins
  45. Website Repair/Redo
  46. Phone/tablet repair firm
  47. Window washing/cleaning
    1. I knew a guy who did six figures doing this. How did I know him? We were his client.
  48. Bank
  49. Martial Arts Studio
  50. Food Truck market
    1. Charge rent for a good location.
  51. Search Engine
  52. Daycare
  53. Email Provider
  54. Elevator Repair
  55. Tile Cleaning
  56. Pressure Washing
  57. Payment Processing
  58. Tax/Business Consulting Firm
  59. Budgeting Software
  60. Coding Bootcamp
  61. POS Software
  62. Carwash
  63. Aeration/Landscaping
  64. Concrete
  65. Process Improvement Consulting
    1. Find out where a business’ pain points are and show them how to eliminate them.
  66. Drone Strikes
    1. People pay to have water balloons dropped on people they don’t like.
  67. Airbnb for storage
  68. Affordable baby formula
  69. Pest control firm
  70. Mobile oil change
  71. Paypal for elementary schools
    1. Apparently elementary schools/middle schools are really behind the times when it comes to taking payments from parents.
  72. Playground design/manufacturer
  73. Wealth building mastermind groups
  74. Backpack maker
    1. I’m sick of having my backpacks shred themselves because they’re poorly made.
  75. Investor portal design for PE/VC
    1. A lot of PE/VC firms have terrible investor portals.
  76. Property manager – syndicated
  77. Mortgage broker
  78. Air purification
    1. People are selling fresh air to China, but that’s not really solving the problem.
  79. Book publisher
  80. Tax preparation
  81. Address/parking lot painting
  82. Engine building
  83. Deliver it
    1. Kind of like getting stuff picked up, we occasionally need someone to go grab something for us.
  84. Translation Services
  85. Content developing
  86. Accounting consultant
    1. Small businesses are pretty bad at accounting sometimes, and they could use someone to help them figure things out.
  87. Gas station
  88. Cyber/gaming café
  89. Laundromat
  90. Carpet Cleaning
  91. Moving service
  92. Billboard/Car Ads
  93. Venue cleanup
  94. Vending machines
  95. Shooting Range
  96. Bookkeeper
  97. Copywriting
  98. Resume writing
  99. Mechanic Shop
  100. Survivalist instructor

There you have it.

The 100 different business ideas I came up with during my business brainstorm challenge.

If you have any additional ideas, get in contact with me, because I’d love to hear them. Especially if you decide to come up with 100 of your own business ideas.

In the meantime, I’ll be working on my business plans for my top 5 business ideas.

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