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How are dividends taxed if you own a REIT?

A while ago I wrote about the tax benefits of dividend income versus ordinary income you would earn as an employee. At the end of my piece, I briefly mentioned that if you own a REIT you’ll be taxed at ordinary income tax rates for most dividends you receive. Today I hope to explain why […]

Investing Real estate

Why should you invest in real estate?

How I Learned About Real Estate Growing up, real estate was a mystery to me. My parents never owned their own home, and when we weren’t living with my grandparents we were renting. My mom talked about buying a house at one point and started looking at houses, but we never had the money to […]

Real estate

Two principles of real estate investment

Real estate can be a powerful wealth building tool, but it can also be a nightmare waiting to happen. Like most other investment decisions, investing in real estate is all about making informed decisions that will benefit you over the long run. Unlike most other investment vehicles, real estate can be immediately damaging to your […]