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July and August dividend income

Yes…it’s the middle of September. I let these get away from me, and I don’t really have a good reason for it. But I’m back, and I’m trying to settle back into regular updates.

July Dividend Totals

As far as our dividend income, July was a one of our biggest months this year. We received dividends from 5 of the companies in our portfolio, including GE, MITT, PNNT, NLY, and DNP. In addition to our dividends from each of these companies, we also received a dividend from our brokerage account, all of which together totaled to $79.89.

July 2017 Dividend Income

July is typically one of our biggest months of the year, and we ended up with a 34.58% increase from last July. While that increase isn’t as big percentage wise as some of our previous months, $79.89 is more than we individually pay for our phone bill, my dental insurance, and our electricity.

We’re also steadily climbing towards our first $100 month. I’m estimating we should hit somewhere around $93 in October, then have our first month over $100 in January. Talk about awesome!

August Dividend Totals

August, on the other hand, was a fairly low month for us. We received a grand total of two dividends. One came from DNP, and the other was a dividend from our brokerage account. All together, that brings our dividends from August to $5.46, bumping us up to a total of $294.66 for the year and putting us one step closer to our $400 goal.

Our Yearly Dividends

As of July, we were 58% through the year and 72.3% of the way towards our goal of receiving $400 in dividends during 2017, with a total yearly dividend income of $289.20, then up to $294.66 with August added in.

You want to know what makes that number so awesome? We officially broke our record for last year, when we ended up earning $281.00 in dividends by December 31st.

So how about our forward dividend income?

At the end of this year, our goal is to have a forward dividend income of $500 dollars, which is a huge deal for when we only made about 27k last year. As a percentage of our total income, that $500 represents 1.8% of our yearly income. I’ll take it.

But here’s where I have a bit of bad news. Since it’s now September and we’ve received more dividends since July, I don’t know what our forward dividend income was any more.

However, if you add in August’s dividends and calculate our forward dividends as of today, September 15th, we’re coming in at $494.78, so we’re super close to hitting our goal!

I’m especially happy about that because we’ve had a few changes to our financial situation in the last two months that have, unfortunately, led to our temporarily halting contributions to our portfolio. More details on that in a future post.

Either way, by the end of the year we should be able to make both our forward dividend goal and our $400 goal for actual dividends received, and that’s something to be proud of.

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